Friday, January 25, 2013

How to turn away paying customers

I have a couple of recent examples of companies being unwilling to take my money.

The first is Amazon. I was working on an app and thought amazon S3 would be perfect for blob storage. After going through the most annoying, buggy sign up experience possible I was informed that Amazon, the worlds largest online retailer, is unable to process a card with a CCV.

The solution: Rackspace Cloudfiles. Which was actually closer to what I was looking for anyway.

The next one was nDepend. I've wanted this for a while and used the trial at a number of places. I finally decided to cough up and buy a legit copy. The only thing standing in my way is there reluctance to accept gmail accounts. Sorry guys, web mail is ubiquitous and you better get used to it, until then I'll just go without.

Update: As you might have seen in the comments, nDepend has some very pro active support and have enabled purchases with gmail addresses. So, I'm now a proud owner. Fortunately the current project only has one major issue but there are some others where I know nDepend will help out a lot.


  1. The gmail issue for NDepend is due to Plimus policy, Plimus is the platform that hosts our payment and we just noticed them your post.

    Just come back to us at support at ndepend dot com and we'll find a solution for you. Regards Patrick NDepend Team

  2. Ok, so it appears that we didn't check the o(somewhat hidden) ption enabling gmail/hotmail... address for clients. So it was all our mistake and we are glad to tell you that NDepend can now be purchased through your gmail address. Thanks for this blog post that ended up helping us provide better client experience!
    NDepend Team